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Fotografin Teneriffa (Kanaren)

Sara Bello

Photographer on the Canary Islands

Hello, I'm Sara, passionate photographer in the Canary Islands. Inspiring photo motifs from Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and the rest of the world. My photo motifs are so different, as the setting options of my camera.

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A good picture must be good

It doesn't matter whether it's good or not

The main thing is that it is good...

Fotoshooting Teneriffa / Kanaren

Photo- and fun shootings

A fun or photo shoot with me can take different forms, but one thing always remains: Maximum fun and beautiful photos. Picture perfect fun shootings and photo shoots on Tenerife or the other Canary Islands.

Naturfotograf Kanaren (Teneriffa)

The most beautiful photo motifs are offered by nature itself, especially on Tenerife or the other Canary Islands. Here nothing is posed, but everything is spontaneous and often unexpected. Often the right moment is decisive - and this often takes a long time.

Nature photography

Inszenierte Fotografie Teneriffa Kanaren

Scene photography

Staged, fleeting moments, energetic movements, wild shades of color, dance, bodies, charms or special people to photograph is almost art. In doing so, I always try to capture the abstract beauty of the moment in pictures.

Portraitfotografie Teneriffa und Gran Canaria

Portrait photography is my passion. Nevertheless, portrait photos are a kind of art and a real challenge. It is not about simply photographing my counterpart, rather a depiction of individuality and personality.

Portrait photography

Eventfotografie Kanaren (Teneriffa und Gran Canaria)

Event photography

Capture your event with unforgettable photos. As a passionate photographer in the Canary Islands, I capture the special moments of your event in pictures. Whether it's a concert, a birthday or a very special day. Guaranteed!

Fotograf Teneriffa

This and that

The world can be colorful and beautiful - but also gray and ugly. I don't always choose my photo objects on the basis of aesthetic conditions. The overall picture simply has to be right. Whether thick, thin, colorful, small, beautiful or ugly - the main thing is good

Fotograf auf Teneriffa und La Gomera

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